K2’s Quality Assurance Program

Through its history of providing support to a range of Government customers, K2 has developed a general methodology for contract management, an approach that emphasizes responsiveness, efficiency, and communication. Upon notification of award of a Task Order (TO), we will schedule a kickoff meeting at the convenience of the Contracting Officer (KO) and the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), in order to ensure that we understand fully their intent for the execution of the TO requirements (including any modifications since proposal submission).

Our Program Manager (PM) is responsible for the first level of Quality Control Checks (QCCs) within the project. The PM will monitor the progress of all tasks performed by K2 personnel (and those of our subcontractors, where applicable), verifying that all deliverables and COR-directed requirements are performed to the highest standards. He will address all completed and in-progress tasks in required status reports, indicating when and where QCCs were conducted. In-progress QCCs are scheduled as indicated in our project management plan (PMP), Gantt charts, and – as deemed necessary – by our PM.

The second level of QCC occurs at K2 corporate directorate level, where our Program Directors and their dedicated Program Analysts review monthly status reports (MSRs), in-progress reviews (IPRs), deliverables, and financials of a given contract. Our four Program Directors each manage multiple contracts (both prime and sub) for K2 and its customers and have many years management experience.

The third level of checks occurs at the corporate staff level, primarily by K2’s Operations, Contracts, and Finance and Accounting Divisions. Our Chief Operating Officer has overall responsibility at this level, and he conducts weekly program reviews during which all active contracts are briefed by Program Directors or PMs. At these reviews all status reports, deliverables, and financials are reviewed for compliance with client and K2 corporate requirements. In addition to ensuring quality performance for our clients, these reviews provide senior management with a venue for shifting resources to give appropriate support to a program or contract during periods of surge or increased reporting requirements.

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